At NECS, we are committed to promoting a higher level of excellence within the industry. As a tangible demonstration of this commitment, we are proud to announce our dedication to funding approved educational events and classes for YOUR BUSINESS — because at NECS, we believe in shaping the future of the industry through professional growth and education. Join us on the path to industry distinction today.

Currently approved education events and classes

  • CCP Review and Exam
  • CSIA Review and Exam
  • CSIA Sweeps Week
  • SureFire: Training Academy
  • CVC Coaching - Online or live training
  • Approved individual State guild workshops
  • More to Follow...


  • 1% of your annual sales with New England Chimney Supply will be eligible for credit towards approved educational events and/or classes. (For Example: $25,000 in purchases with NECS = $250 in credit)
  • Collect and keep all receipts for education for the 2024 year.
  • Turn all receipts in by January 31st 2025.
  • All credits will be applied to accounts by February 15th 2025.
  • Credits can be used through 12/31/2025.
  • Rebates can not be carried over to the following year and must be used in the year applied to the account.
Scholarship Registration


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