BEST-Flex Model "A" TPA Top Plate Aluminum

  • Suitable for All Fuel Applications
  • Manufactured and tested to UL1777 (US) and ULCS635 (Canada) standards
  • Transferrable Lifetime Warranty

BEST-Flex Model "A" TPA Top Plate Aluminum

Product Information

  • BEST-Flex Model �A� Aluminum Chimney Liners are manufactured by New England Supply Inc. Located in Williston, VT.
  • The BEST-Flex lining system is designed and UL listed to be installed within masonry chimneys used to vent gas (natural and propane) burning, Category I appliances that have an A.F.U.E. of 83% or lower, or any appliance listed to be vented on type B-vents.
  • In the United States they are tested to UL 1777 and can be installed in NEW & EXISTING masonry chimneys.
  • In Canada they are tested to ULC S635 and are to be installed in masonry chimneys.

Product Description

  • The BEST-Flex Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney liner is designed to reline existing chimneys or to be used as a liner in new construction. Manufactured with the highest quality, mill certified alloy. BEST-Flex Stainless Steel Flexible Chimney Liner has a high acid fighting capability. Listed by UL Laboratories to UL 1777 & ULC S635 standards for zero clearance installation. BEST-Flex can be used to vent wood, wood pellet, coal, noncondensing gas and oil, making it the choice for venting all standard efficiency installations. UL listed BEST-Flex is available in 3" to 12" diameters (13" above is not listed) to cover a wide range of requirements found in the field today.
  • The unique manufacturing systems used to make BEST-Flex utilizes a continuous strip of stainless steel, 7-ply interlocked and crimped to produce a gas and water tight lining system of superior strength and durability. BEST-Flex can be curved to go around offsets in chimneys and can be factory ovalized to custom sizes to fit most any installation requirement. Unless specified by the manufacturer, the liner is not to be field ovalized. The corrugated construction allows for expansion & contraction during the heat-up & cool-down periods, which removes any stresses on the system.
  • BEST-Flex can be insulated with either a vermiculite based poured insulation or with a foil-faced ceramic wool blanket to meet UL 1777 & ULC S635 standards for chimney exteriors with zero clearance to combustibles.
  • BEST-Flex Stainless Steel Chimney Liner comes with a Life Time Warranty for all fuels, with appliance efficiencies at 83 percent or lower.
Metal Alloy: 3003 Aluminum
Thickness: .039" to .050
Mill Certified: Yes
UL Listed: 3" dia through 12" dia (UL 1777)
Available Diameters: 3" dia through 18" dia
Manufacturing Process: Computer designed and manufactured with CNC machinery w/ Norlocked connections